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ABC News (MAUI, Hawaii) — For the thousands of people who survived the Maui fires last August, the trauma of what they lived through still lingers. Lahaina painter Kirk Boes and his wife Laura have lived on Lahaina together for more than 40 years. They evacuated on August 8, only to return three days later. […]

SolStock/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Four years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, new data shows how severely the pandemic impacted young people’s mental health, particularly girls. During the pandemic, there was an increase in severe emergency room psychiatric visits for children and teens, including for conditions like bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorders, and […]

Michelle Gonzales-Reed (NEW YORK) — Michelle Gonzales-Reed’s son Dajon was in high school when she said she began noticing signs of mental health struggles in her teen son, signs that included a lack of interest in friendships and activities, to staying in bed all day. Over the next few years, as Gonzales-Reed tried to care […] (NEW YORK) — As federal data shows a rising mental health crisis among teens in the United States, one high school has decided to take a different approach to helping students. Officials at Alta-Aurelia High School, a public high school in Alta, Iowa, created teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA), a program that not […]

ATU Images/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — A group whose recommendations become the standard medical policy nationwide has issued a recommendation saying all adults under the age of 65 should be screened for anxiety during their lifetime. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommendation, issued Tuesday, is the final version of the draft recommendation it issued […]

Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Digital mental health company BetterHelp is facing multiple potential class action lawsuits over claims from patients that it shared their personal information to advertisers — including Facebook. The lawsuits came soon after BetterHelp agreed in March to pay $7.8 million over charges from the Federal Trade […]

xijian/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — May is Mental Health Awareness Month, with experts across the country raising alarms about a growing mental health crisis. Over 94 million Americans experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression in the past four weeks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Jake Goodman, a psychiatry resident doctor […]

Seth Herald/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — As the United States reels from yet another mass school shooting, experts warn that young children are suffering from its devastating impacts. A total of three children, all age nine — as well as three adults — were killed at the Covenant School in Nashville in what President Joe Biden […]

Vitor P. Teixeira/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — New York City Mayor Eric Adams contended that the city’s strategy for combating homeless and mental health issues needed a bold reform. But after proposing a measure that would send officers, EMS workers and other city agents to involuntarily take individuals who appear “to be mentally ill” and […]