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Mark Wilson/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, deposed just last week as House speaker, on Monday didn’t rule out returning to that position as he spoke out against the Hamas attack on Israel. Touting his own experience as a strong supporter of Israel, McCarthy said President Joe Biden’s “first priority” should be rescuing […]

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — A showdown on Tuesday with a breakaway faction of his own party saw House Speaker Kevin McCarthy removed as leader of the chamber — a historic development that signals chaos to come on Capitol Hill. Hard-line Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida led the charge against McCarthy, a fellow conservative. […]

Win McNamee/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — To avert a shutdown, Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the House should still try to pass a Republican short-term funding measure next week in addition to the individual spending bills, despite GOP holdouts. “I would like to — you need to — because I don’t know how else in a shutdown,” […]

Michael Godek/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Monday he’s unsure a proposed short-term funding measure to avert a government shutdown for at least a month will have enough votes to pass. Members from both sides of the House Republican Conference on Sunday outlined a continuing resolution to keep the government open until […]

Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced Tuesday he was ordering House Republicans to move ahead with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. “Today, I am directing our House committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” McCarthy said at the U.S. Capitol in a short formal statement. […]

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — In a closed-door meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday morning, Speaker Kevin McCarthy reiterated to his conference that an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is on the table but suggested it is not yet imminent, according to multiple sources in the room. McCarthy, who earlier this week floated the possibility […]

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has begun floating the possibility of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, a sudden escalation as Republicans ramp up allegations of wrongdoing by the president and his family. During an appearance on Fox News Monday night, McCarthy leaned on testimony from two Internal Revenue Service […]

Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy denied a report claiming he promised former President Donald Trump that the House will hold a vote before August recess on expunging Trump’s past impeachments. “There’s no deal, but I’ve been very clear from long before — when I voted against impeachments — that […]

Alex Wong/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — The House on Wednesday cleared its first procedural hurdle on the National Defense Authorization Act, approving a rule on non-controversial amendments to the annual military spending and budget bill. But the fight continues as Republicans remain far from agreement on how to tackle issues including abortion, diversity at the Pentagon and […]

Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is considering launching an impeachment inquiry over Attorney General Merrick Garland’s handling of the investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. McCarthy tweeted on Sunday that he wants Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss to provide answers to the House Judiciary Committee regarding […]