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onurdongel/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — As airlines continue to update baggage policies and everywhere from fast food chains to theme parks introduce dynamic pricing, JetBlue is combining the two business trends by introducing a new peak and off-peak payment structure for passengers. The New York-based airline, which first increased its checked bag fees in February […]

John Hudson Photography/Getty Images (BOSTON) — Two JetBlue planes clipped each other Thursday morning while on a deicing pad at Boston Logan International Airport. The incident occurred when the two planes were on adjacent deicing pad lanes, JetBlue said in a statement. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the left winglet of JetBlue flight 777, […]

EThamPhoto/Getty Images (BOSTON) — Two JetBlue planes were struck by lasers near Boston on Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The crews of JetBlue flights 494 and 972 reported being illuminated by a green laser early Thursday morning, the agency said. There were no injuries, according to the FAA. Last year the FAA received 9,457 […]