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ABC News (NEW YORK) — As Florida’s six-week abortion ban took effect Wednesday, Dr. Robyn Schickler, CMO of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, discussed counseling patients who may be seeking abortions beyond six weeks of pregnancy. Schickler recently had to inform her patients that Florida does not offer abortion services, and had to […]

Polk County Sheriff’s Office (LAKELAND, Fla.) — Two deputies in Lakeland, Florida, were shot and a suspect was killed after a gun battle ensued in an area known for vehicle break-ins and burglaries, according to police. One deputy is in critical, but stable, condition and the other is in stable condition. Both are recovering in […]

Carl Juste/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images (TALLAHASSEE) — Hundreds of transgender and nonbinary Floridians and allies are expected to march through the state capital in Tallahassee Wednesday in opposition to years-long legislative efforts targeting gender-diverse communities. “As we march through the streets of Florida, let our collective voice echo: We will not be […]

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (CRESTVIEW, Fla.) — A Florida deputy is seen firing his weapon repeatedly at his patrol vehicle after mistaking the sound of an acorn hitting the roof of the car for a muffled gunshot, according to video released alongside a sheriff’s office investigation. Newly released body camera footage of the November 2023 incident […]

Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — The Florida Board of Governors voted Wednesday to prohibit state funding to be used toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, including “political or social activism” activities on campus in a 15-2 vote. The regulation prohibits state universities from using state or federal funds to promote, support or maintain […]

Tetra Images/Getty Images (TALLAHASSEE, Fla.) — Christian Ziegler, who is facing a rape allegation that he denies, on Monday was voted out as the Florida Republican Party chair during a closed-door meeting in Tallahassee, a source familiar tells ABC News. Ziegler is being investigated by police but has not been charged with a crime. Florida […]

ilbusca/Getty Images (TALLAHASSEE, Fla.) — Florida abortion rights advocates on Friday said they surpassed the required number of signatures needed to put a referendum that would enshrine abortion rights in Florida’s Constitution on the state’s 2024 ballot in November. If the referendum, which needed 891,523 total verified signatures to be placed on the ballot, prevails […]

amphotora/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — A Florida man was charged with allegedly threatening a member of Congress, saying he was going to “come and kill” the member’s children, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday. Michael Shapiro, 72, allegedly phoned a member of Congress’ Washington, D.C., office five times on Dec. 19. Each time he called he […]

First responders are shown at the scene of a shooting at the Paddock Mall in Ocala, Fla., on Dec. 23, 2023. — Ocala Police Department (OCALA, Fla.) — Police are still hunting for the man suspected of carrying out a deadly shooting at a Florida mall during the holiday shopping rush. One person was killed […]

First responders are shown at the scene of a shooting at the Paddock Mall in Ocala, Fla., on Dec. 23, 2023. — Ocala Police Department (OCALA, Fla.) — Police are looking for a suspect, as well as a bystander who took evidence from the crime scene, after a deadly shooting erupted at a Florida mall […]