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Lore’l isn’t sure who to call cap on in this story regarding Trey Songz. After a friend of OnlyFans model Celina Powell spoke about a sexual encounter with Trey Songz on the podcast No Jumper, Songz responded by revealing text messages with the woman, along with women who have accused him of sexual assault. Let […]

Yesterday, Consequence took to Twitter to address some old topics, while mentioning Lore’l while making his point. So Lore’l brought the receipts today and had to address a few things he said this morning on #WhosCappin! Let us know your thoughts on the whole situation. See more exclusives at! * Listen Live: * […]

Last time Lore’l checked, there were 3 members in Salt-N-Pepa! After the premiere of their highly anticipated biopic, former member Spinderella had a few choice words for the duo after she was omitted from the film reflecting the group’s iconic history. While Spinderella was vocal about her displeasure, neither Salt nor Pepa has responded to […]