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People are confused that Lil’ Wayne dropped a photo with Donald Trump saying that they had a conversation to help the culture. MC Lyte weighs in on Lil’ Wayne’s photo-op with Trump, the impact celebs can have on an election, and why it’s so vital to get out and vote.  See more exclusives at! […]

On Today’s Show: Show Ya Talent – Where You Can Join Scoop’s IG And “Show Your Talent” – Fatman Scoop Impersonator – Professional Milk Drinker – Trumpet Player – Singers – Fastest Book Reader News: Ja Rule Wants To Battle 50 Cent On IG Live – And Scoop Speaks On Why He Would LOVE It […]

On Today’s Show: Show Ya Talent – Where You Can Join Scoop’s IG And “Show Your Talent” – Scoop Gets “Mooned” By A Pre Teenager – Kid Peels And Eats Orange In Less Than 20 Seconds (Smh) – Accordion Player Plays Spanish Music (Scoop Does Not Want To Fight Guy) – Rapper Has 10 People […]

On Today’s Show: News: Gayle King (CBS Morning Show Host And Best Friend Of Oprah) Steps To Her Business With 50 Cent About Oprah And Why He Disssed Her Florida Says The WWE And Sports Is An Essential Business, But Scoop Thinks Prostitution Is Also An Essential Business! And He Explains Why! Topic Of The […]

On Todays Show: Scoop Talks With HBO “Ballers” London Brown Who P,lays “Reggie” Alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He Speaks On – How The Rock Behaves on Set – Growing Up In South Central LA – Gang Life In The 80s-90s And 200s – Dancing To Scoop’s Songs! News: Wiz Khalifah, Camron, And Dave East […]

On Today’s Show: Show Ya Talent Featuring: – Woman Who Spits In A Cup (Smh) – Twerker Who Falls While Twerking – Rapper Who Spells his Own Name Wrong – White Kid making Amazing HOOD Music To Purchase The Merch Scoop Wears On The Show: Follow Scoop On Social Media: instagram: @fatmanscoop twitter: @fatmanscoop

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TRENDING TOPICS on @The Morning Hustle: – A friend who was one of George Floyd’s passengers on the day of his death, has reportedly invoked his 5th Amendment right to not testify in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. – Ohio’s new ‘stand your ground’ law goes into effect Tuesday. Here’s what […]

On Today’s Show: SHOULD ABORTION CLINICS BE OPEN DURING THE PANDEMIC? -Scoop Tells his Own Personal Abortion Story – Talks About How The Creator Of The Male Abortion Pill Will BE A Trillionaire – Speaks On What Happened When He Got A Vasectomy – Takes Video Calls On The Live Including One From A Muppet […]

On Today’s Show: Bart Scott – ESPN Get Up Show And ESPN Radio NYC Talks With Scoop About – How The Patriot Way Sucks – Why Tom Brady Left The Patriots – Deon Sanders And Odell Beckham – How Warren Sapp Talked Sh*t To Him And How He Shut Him Up – How He Got […]