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Raekwon discusses Fatman Scoop’s Top 50 MCs list and what rappers he feels Scoop missed on the list and the grade he gave Scoop on all his selections. A must watch!

Black Thought Talks about what makes a good rapper, who he grew up idolizing, and starts to discuss what criteria he used to create his TOP 50 MCs list (click below to see part 2) Scoop and Black Thought dive into his top 50 in Part 2; To see part 2: To Purchase The Merch […]

This is the full clip of Black Thought’s appearence on Fatman Scoop TV where he discusses his list of the TOP 50 MCs as well as what it takes to be a amazing lyricist, what famous rapper was in his first hip hop group at age 10 as well as who he think inspired Jay […]

Black Thought breaks down some of his TOP 50 MCs and takes it further and gives credit to a legendary rapper, that if it was not for Black Thought seeing him perform, he might not have become who he is today. he also drops gems and punchlines and discusses some of the top LA Rappers. […]

In this clip Black Thought finishes his top 50 MCs and names the rapper on his list who was in his first rap group with him. (click below to see part 4) Scoop goes on to run down his top 50 MCs list and Black Thought and Black Thought and Scoop discuss the 3 names […]

Black Thought gives his TOP 10 MCs list as well as discussing who his dream collaboration would be with. Scoop gives his top 10 and talks about what critically acclaimed rappers he left out of his top 20 and top 50 and why. (click below to see part 5) Black Thought and Scoop discuss who […]

In this clip Black Thought talks about the rapper he feels influenced Jay Z and how FIERCE this rapper was on the mic, in a battle and in improv jam sessions. A definite hall of fame MC. (click below to see full interview) To see the entire interview from start to finish click below: To […]