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Maruti Interior IPO Allotment Date and Status: Maruti Interior IPO allotment is to be available on the on February 11. Please check the IPO allotment status on the Bigshare registrar as on the allotment date. Maruti Interior IPO Allotment is finalized and the Allotment is to be available on February 11. The refund will be […]

Maruti Interior IPO subscription is to start from February 03, 2022, Thursday. The company to raise ₹11 crores via SME IPO at a price band of ₹55. The retail portion of this IPO is 50%, and HNI is 50% quota. The IPO subscription will close on February 08, 2022, Tuesday. The IPO bid for the […]

Maruti Interior Industries Limited SME IPO to open on February 03 and will close on February 08, 2022. They are a manufacturer of Modular Kitchen Accessories & Storage Solutions. They are offering different types of products as per their customer needs. The company has two brands “Everyday Kitchen” and “Spitze by Everyday”. Everyday Kitchen has […]