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Share with a teacher or parent! We have all been here and felt this way! So when I heard Tik Tok Terry Do This I told him I WILL DO THE REMIX TODAY! It took me all of 90 seconds NINETY SECONDS to write! It just came out! check the link in my bio on […]

This is for all Parents And Teachers! And Anyone Who Loves Kids But Is Tired Of Their Shit!!!!! Full Remix Coming Soon!!!

Swizz Beats speaks on his kids asking him about racism, how he And Alicia Keys parent the kids in different ways, and his relationship with DMX. In part 2 Swizz talks about how Versuz was created, how he feels when the WIFI GOES BAD and more. Part 2: Check Scoop on IG LIVE Daily 6PM […]

Ludacris On Kids Teaching Him About Racism, Going To George Floyd Funeral, Fast And Furious, Him Being Close With Paul Walker And Why He Went Out To Protest With The People In Atlanta. Check Scoop on IG LIVE Daily 6PM EST/3PM PST For more celebrity interviews! To Purchase The Merch Scoop Wears On The […]

In this clip, Teddy talks about playing hide and go seek with Michael Jackson and over 10 other children, how many days he had to do that until they went in the studio and why, what MJ built SPECIFICALLY for Teddy during his stay at Neverland Ranch during recording. (click below to see part 5) […]