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Our co-host Vee The Plug invents “Soulsa” Salsa for Black People. With the help of our Black friend K-pook and the #Twitchmobb we ingeniously create the secret recipe. Tune into station #Thecity 6-9a Mon-Friday for more of your favorite fat Mexicans! Please like, subscribe, comment and turn on notifications for live streams and uploads! […]

We found out about Compton upcoming artist Azjah Via IG. We hit her up and she stopped by before school to let us know what she’s about to do for the city and her on the rise career. Peep out the full interview here 1st and remember who put you on game. Follow her on […]

From dancing for TLC, Cierra, Usher, BBD. since 14 years old, Byra Woods has been around the entertainment biz a long time. Now she steps out on her own as an artist. She has the moves and the grind to succeed! Peep out her journey and remember where you learned about this star! Follow her […]

The original Bad Girl of Comedy came through to talk about her Las Vegas residency, her movie with Gaga and Bradley Cooper, her love for Bruno Mars and her new Showtime special “Women Of A Certain Age” Peep the 40 min interview now and follow her on IG @Luenell Tune into station #TheCity Mon-Friday […]

She’s on fire right now! She’s all about the A and she helps us understand off beat rappers, twerking and what “ACT UP” means. I mean, LA Reid Signed her. What else do you need to know? hit that sub, like and please share. OH! plus, like most dope MC’s drops a rhyme on the […]

The Baka Boyz Show on The City part of DASH Radio Sal Velez Jr. has a new series on Netflix all about the Zombie Apocalypse, are your prepared? Find out about Sal’s journey from chicago to “Black Summer” which starts April 11th on Netflix! Tune into station #TheCity Mon-Friday 6:00 -9:00 AM For more […]

Nickveezy88 has kept his passion for music throughout his radio career so when he flexes his skills in the studio it’s always a good time. Today he brings DKLA into the studio to “THROW THAT THANG” It’s Miami Bass, EDM and pure dance energy! wait for the full release this summer! Tune into station […]

Swedish Rap Star “Frej Larson” came to America and stopped by the show. He is an interesting character for sure, we talked about the rap scene where he’s from, being born into “Satinism” and being targeted by police and Valadamir Putin. Check out the funny and interesting interview now and follow this international Bad boy […]

One’s from Seattle One’s from San Francisco and they come together as “B.A.G” These dope MC’s bust a freestyle, talk about their journey around the world bringing authentic “Hip Hop” and “R&B” to the forefront and what it’s like being sisters in this game elevating each other! Check this extended interview out now and show […]