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IEX Buyback 2022 Record Date, Price & Ratio Details – IPO Watch

Written by on November 25, 2022

IEX buyback 2022 was announced on November 18, 2022. The IEX buyback open date is not announced yet. IEX buyback record date is not fixed as it is an [.] buyback offer. The investor should buy the IEX shares before the record date to get eligibility for the buyback.

IEX Buyback of ₹[.] crores approved by the board of directors at the meeting was held on November 25, 2022. IEX Buyback will be done via the [.] route through the stock exchange mechanism. The board of directors of the company approved the buyback by the Company of its fully paid-up equity shares having a face value of ₹[.] each equity share at a price of ₹[.] per Equity Share and for an aggregate amount not exceeding ₹[.] crores from the shareholders. Check out IEX Buyback 2022 details below:

Indian Energy Exchange is India’s premier energy marketplace, providing a nationwide automated trading platform for the physical delivery of electricity, renewables, and certificates. More recently, IEX has pioneered cross border electricity trade expanding its power market beyond India in an endeavor to create an integrated South Asian Power Market. IEX is powered by state-of-the-art, intuitive and customer centric technology, enabling efficient price discovery and facilitating the ease of power procurement.

IEX has a robust ecosystem of 6,800+ participants located across 29 States and 5 Union Territories comprising of 55+ distribution utilities and 500+ conventional generators. It also has a strong base of 4400+ commercial and industrial consumers representing industries such as such as metal, food processing, textile, cement, ceramic, chemicals, automobiles, information technology industries, institutional, housing, and real estate, and commercial entities.

The Exchange has ISO Certifications for quality management, Information security management and environmental management since August 2016 and is approved and regulated by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and has been operating since 27 June 2008. IEX offers various compelling choices to trade in – Electricity Market, Green Market and Certificates.

IEX Buyback History

  • IEX Buyback 2019: IEX made a buyback in March 2022 for ₹69 Crores at ₹185 per share..

IEX Buyback 2022 Dates

Buyback Meeting Date: November 25, 2022
Buyback Announcement Date:
Buyback Record Date:
Buyback Open Date:
Buyback Close Date:
Finalization of Buyback Acceptance:
IEX Buyback 2022 Tentative Time Table

IEX Buyback 2022 Offer Details

IEX buyback of [.] equity shares at a price of ₹[.] per equity share. The buyback offers not to exceed ₹[.] crores of the total buyback offer size.

Offer Amount: ₹[.] Crores
Number of Shares: – Equity Shares
Face Value: ₹[.] per equity share
Buyback Price: ₹[.] per equity share
Listing: BSE
Buyback Type: [.]
Letter of Offer: Click Here

IEX Buyback 2022 Acceptance Ratio

The investor should buy around [.] shares at a current market price of ₹[.] (as of date). The calculation will be ₹2,00,000 / ₹[.] buyback price = [.] shares.

Acceptance Ratio Investment Shares Buyback Profit
33% ₹[.] [.] ₹[.]
50% ₹[.] [.] ₹[.]
75% ₹[.] [.] ₹[.]
100% ₹[.] [.] ₹[.]

IEX Financial Report

₹ in Crores
Year Revenue Expense PAT
2020 ₹[.] ₹[.] ₹[.]
2021 ₹[.] ₹[.] ₹[.]
2022 ₹[.] ₹[.] ₹[.]

How to Participate in IEX Buyback 2022

The investors are eligible for the buyback scheme who have IEX shares in their Demat account as the [.]. Eligible Share Holders can participate in the IEX Buyback 2022 scheme as per the opening form by selling their shares. The payment will be given as per the accepted shares by the company under the IEX buyback scheme.

IEX Buyback 2022 Registrar

To be updated soon

IEX Buyback 2022 Lead Managers

IEX Company Address

To be updated soon

How to Apply the IEX Buyback through Zerodha?

Log in to Console in Zerodha Website or in Application. Go to Portfolio and Click on Corporate Actions. You will see the Company Name “IEX”. Click on Place Order. Enter your Quantity and submit IEX Buyback Application Form.

How to Apply the IEX Buyback through Upstox?

Log in to Upstox Application with your credentials. Select the IEXount Section. You will see the Company Name “IEX”. Click on IEX Stock for Buyback. Enter your Quantity and submit IEX Buyback Application Form.

How to Apply the IEX Buyback through Paytm Money?

Log in to Paytm Money Application with your credentials. Select the IEX. Enter your Quantity and submit IEX Buyback Application Form.

IEX Buyback 2022 FAQs

When is IEX Buyback 2022 Record Date?

IEX buyback 2022 record date is [.].

When is IEX Buyback 2022 Open Date?

IEX buyback 2022 open date is To be updated soon.

What is IEX Buyback 2022 Price?

The company has fixed the price at ₹[.] per share.

How to apply for IEX Buyback 2022?

As per the record date you need to have IEX shares in your Demat Account. You can participate in buyback after having the stock in your Account.

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