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Errol Spence Jr and Danny Garcia square off this Saturday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The fight will be shown on Fox Sports pay-per-view. Garcia joined @Headkrack on @The Morning Hustle to preview the fight, as well as get into some other topics like how it was growing up with such an outspoke […]

Errol Spence Jr. is making his return to the ring more than a year after a near fatal one-car accident that left him hospitalized and in critical condition. He joined @Headkrack on @The Morning Hustle days leading up to the fight to discuss what he feels his keys are to victory against Danny Garcia, and […]

Once again, Lore’l had to give President Donald Trump ‘Who’s Cappin’ this morning on @The Morning Hustle after reports surfaced saying he’s spoken with advisers whether to grant pre-emptive pardons to his children, to his son-in-law and to his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani. Can January 20th get here fast enough?! See more exclusives at […]

Here’s what trending in the Hip Hop Spot. See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle #HipHopSpot source

Lore’l can see both sides to this debate, but the reason she’s calling CAP on the restaurant owner is because of now WHAT he said, but HOW he said it. Listen to ‘Who’s Cappin’ & hear some of our callers responses to the viral video. What are your thoughts, who was in the wrong, the […]

DaBaby is in the news heavy with his youngest child’s photo being released on the internet. Social media is angry because Reginae Carter had her birthday that didn’t follow COVID guidelines. #DarrelWalls is getting a lot of support after being outed on social media. See more exclusives at *Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * […]

“Get Up Every Morning And Tell Yourself, I Can Do This.” After the long Thanksgiving holiday, this message is necessary! Angie Ange comes through with a message everyone can use this morning. Things will go right, things will go wrong, but at the end of the day, you have to just keep your head down […]

The H-Town Hottie, Megan Thee Stallion joined The Morning Hustle to discuss her debut album ‘Good News’ which released last week! Thee Stallion also drops some holiday advice for all the hotties who may have some Thanksgiving troubles. See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle #MeganTheeStallion source

With coronavirus numbers rising in states across the country, and the nation hitting its single-day high since May, we we’re joined by Dr. Collier and Anna from Chicago this morning on The Morning Hustle. Anna and her entire family are currently dealing with the virus, despite following health procedures. She warns that you must remain […]

Lore’l came through with a message this morning on @The Morning Hustle after Mo’Nique appeared on Tamar Braxton’s “Under Construction” podcast where she talked about all things related to love and marriage and explained why she calls her husband “Daddy”. We need you to weigh in on this topic & let us know your thoughts […]