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ABC News (NEW YORK) — One of the most important aspects of medicine is the relationship between a doctor and their patient, according to physician and Yale School of Medicine professor F. Perry Wilson. However, Wilson said that relationship has been strained in recent years and has led to complications in treating people. Wilson spoke […]

Emily Fennick / EyeEm/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — There is a loneliness epidemic in the United States — and it experts told ABC News it may be triggering violence. In California, there have been three shootings in as many days, tied to a perpetrator who may have exhibited signs of social isolation and/or violent behavior, […]

Courtesy of Cook Children’s Medical Center (FORT WORTH, Texas) — Twin sisters who were conjoined at the chest and stomach have undergone successful surgery to separate. Doctors at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, announced Wednesday that 16-week-old sisters JamieLynn and AmieLynn are now sleeping in separate cribs after the separation surgery, the […]

Elva Etienne/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — As news continues to unfold following multiple deadly mass shootings within the last few days in California and the state of Washington, experts are advising parents not to shy away from talking to their kids about what happened and the aftermath. At least 11 people were killed and nine […]

Images By Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Two doses of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine among school-aged children safely and effectively reduces COVID-19 infection risk as well as associated risks for developing multisystem inflammatory syndrome and COVID-19 related hospitalizations, new data suggests. This study adds evidence to existing studies and “supports the safety and […]

Tetra Images/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Nearly one year after two congressional reports found heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in popular baby foods, the federal agency that oversees food safety has proposed a change. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday released draft guidance proposing new limits for the amount […]

Tetra Images/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — The new service, called RxPass, gives users access to 60 generic medications treating more than 80 of the most common health conditions, including high blood pressure, anxiety and acid reflux, according to Amazon. While other online pharmacies offer perks like free delivery and discounts on prescription medications, Amazon’s RxPass […]

Steve Prezant/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Potentially more lives were saved Sunday when a man disarmed the alleged Monterey Park, California shooter after he had allegedly killed 11 people and wounded nine others at a nearby location. Brandon Tsay told ABC News’ Good Morning America Monday that “something came over me” when he managed to […]

Nik Oiko/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering a new COVID-19 vaccine strategy that would see Americans getting a single annual shot, similar to the flu vaccine. Up until now, Americans who’ve gotten a primary series have received boosters that have targeted specific variants, with the most […]

d3sign/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Eggs prices are on the rise due to an ongoing avian flu outbreak limiting supply, and while they are still safe to eat, many people are seeking alternatives to keep costs down, as experts say it may take months for prices to fully normalize. Customers aren’t just looking for swaps […]